Premium Bird Foods

Premium Bird Foods

EXTRUDED BIRD FOOD? What is extruded?

Extruded foods have been proven to provide superior 100% complete nutrition when compared with seed blends. Extruded foods combine quality ingredients and nutrients to produce a processed nugget that contains precise levels of each required nutrient. This ensures that no matter what your pet chooses to eat, each nugget contains exactly the same amount of proper nutrition. This is unlike a seed blend where your pet may only choose certain seeds or shapes that it likes, which may or may not provide the necessary nutrition required. Extruded foods also do not contain seed hulls and will create less mess during clean up and a better value at retail (as your not paying for waste).

We stock a large range of premium bird foods for all types of birds. These consist of specially formulated pellets consisting of all essential proteins, vitamins and minerals needed to keep your feathered friend in top condition. Brands include Vetafarm, Pretty Bird, Living World, Tropimix, Harrisons Organic, Roudybush, Attraction, Nekton.


Prettybird Species Specific

Premium Extruded Nutrition For Birds

Birds in captivity are not free to choose from a wide variety of food items and therefore depend upon us to provide them with food choices that approximate the nutrient makeup of their diets in the wild. Using extrusion, we can offer foods made from a wide variety of ingredients that contain correct amino acid profiles and proper fat and protien ratios that are also flavourful and tremedously appealing to your birds.

Prettybird offers a range of scientifically developed bird foods, designed to cater for a species specific diet that replicates the natural diet of African Greys, Cockatiels, Cockatoos, Eclectus, Lorikeets and Macaws. Pretty Bird Species Specific Bird foods available in 3lb bags. Eclectus & Macaw available in 9lb.


Harrison’s Bird Foods is a family of certified organic, formulated diets that were created by avian veterinarians and nutritionists with the health of your bird in mind. Our formulas require little or no supplementation. Dr. Greg Harrison, the main developer of Harrison’s Bird Foods, is a certified avian specialist with 34 years experience in bird care.

We Stock High Potency Super Fine, High Potency Fine, High Potency Course, Maintenance Fine, Maintenance Course, Power Treats, Neonate Rearing Formula, Juvenile Rearing Formula.


Benefits of Roudybush

For decades the standard diet for most birds kept in captivity has been a mixture of seeds and nuts. This diet was based on the assumption that that is what these birds eat in their natural environments. Over the past several years more information has become available from better observations of natural feeding patterns and controlled research performed in captivity. Nutritional deficiencies seen in birds kept on seed diets have been better characterized and documented, making it clear that these diets are harmful; however, many people continue to feed seed and nut diets, with or without other nutritional supplementation. Unfortunately, the effectiveness of giving a bird mineral blocks, cuttlebone, seed mixes with vitamin fortification, or vitamins in the drinking water all relies on the bird’s willingness to choose the right things to eat in the proper amount. Most birds eat to obtain energy (calories) and will choose the highest fat, highest calorie foods available. They will often do their best to avoid your best efforts to improve their nutrition. Another problem with supplements is that you can overdo them and cause toxicities with some nutrients, which is just as harmful as a deficiency. Roudybush diets provide your birds with safe levels of nutrients that are needed for good health.

NEKTON-LORI Complete diet for lories and hanging parakeets

Nekton provides a new way – the natural way, to feed lorikeets and other nectar eating birds. Nekton is a soluble powder that is mixed with water to make nectar. It is a fully balanced diet and no supplementation is needed. Because there are no fillers like lory wet and dry mixes, means that all the nutrients are absorbed and there is no mess left behind. This is a high quality product made in Germany that replicates a lorikeets natural diet. Nekton has put a lot of reasearch into making the best lorikeet food available. A little goes a long way. 500g will last 1 lorikeet for approximately 2 months.

Lories are among the most specialised of all the parrots in their feeding habits as is seen by their brush tongues and digestive systems. Breeding successes in the past few years, particularly with species known to be difficult to breed, have shown that the nutrition must be as close to the natural sources as possible.

This carefully thought-out combination of carbohydrates, fatty acids, protein, vitamins and mineral elements is entirely suited to the nutrient requirements of lories and hanging parakeets. All ingredients are in human-grade quality and in such a form that they are easily synthesised and absorbed by the body. Just add tepid water to the powder, stir slowly and you have a complete diet.

In addition, this diet has two tremendous advantages over other feeding methods:

1.There is no food matter left sticking to the beak to foster fungus growth.
2.All the ingredients are fully assimilated by the body so that the faeces consist of little more than water, meaning no smell or messy droppings to dirty the cage or aviary.

Nekton also makes the highest quality Vitamin and Mineral supplements. Nekton S (Vitamin Supplement), Nekton E (Vitamin E Supplement encourages breeding), Nekton MSA ( Calcium & D3 Supplement). High Quality Supplements, Made in Germany.


All Australian Lorikeets eat Pollen & Nectar. People are saying Attraction Pollen and Nectar is by far the best lorikeet mix they have ever come across and with recommendations from professional breeders it makes sense to go with a tried & proven delicious product that Attraction has shown to be for more than 14 years. Whether your are a professional breeder, serious aviculturalist or a devout bird keeper, when your birds are on Attraction they will love you for it. 
Attraction has gained an international reputation as a product of highest quality where zoos & RSPCA’s from as far away as Canada, New Zealand & Papua New Guinea have looked for our product. Attraction has been featured in respected magazines such as Australian Birdkeeper and regularly donates product to organizations such the Australian Parrot Society, RSPCA, Australia Zoo & wildlife carers since the 1990’s. One of the top Lorikeet foods available, we also stock their Loritreat Bottle Brush Nectar & Banksia Nectar treat products.

Living World Premium Seed Blend & Tropimix Dried Fruit Mixes

Some of the most popular products we sell. These are high quality bird seed blends with vitamins and minerals added. Tropimix contains dried fruits, legumes & pellets together with vitamins and minerals. Most people feeding the top quality pellet foods will also grab a bag of tropimix for variety. Great to use as a treat or for enrichment activities.

DR Macs Organic Bird Foods

Varients include: Budgie, Cockatiel, Lorikeet, Small Parrot, Medium Parrot, Large Parrot. Dr Mac’s Organic Origins is a range of scientifically formulated bird diets comprised of certified organic and GM free ingredients.  Recognising that ‘one diet fits all’ does not apply to all species, we specialise in developing diets for individual species.

Diets are meticulously researched by evaluating wild feeding ecology and nutrient composition of wild food resources,   and formulating diets that closely reflect the nutrient composition of wild diets.  We also take into account the additional stressors that captive animals are subjected to and further enhance our diets with a range of natural digestive stimulants and immune system boosters to optimise overall health and reproduction. Australian Made.



FOR LORIKEETS TRY ATTRACTION (only food made with real pollen) OR NEKTON

Vetafarm Parrot Pellets

Great Australian Made pellet food for birds & Parrots. Comes in quite a few varients. Maintenance, Breeder Pellets, South American, Paradise Pellets (for eclectus), Nectar Pellets ( for Lorikeets), Essential Mix (pellets with dried fruits), & Nutriblend Pellets. We also stock Vetafarm Neocare & Vetafarm Parrot Hand Rearing Formula. These are by far our most popular hand rearing formulas, as they contain digestive enzymes and probotics which benefit the rearing of young birds.